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The following is an on-line book. Due to its length, it is divided across multiple web pages.
Split Asunder: Divorce and Remarriage Scripturally Explained
Written by: Craig W. Booth
Page One Contains
Page Two Contains
Chapter 1: What Is Marriage?
Chapter 2: What Were God's Original Intentions About the Rules of Marriage?
Chapter 3: Is It Lawful for a Man to Divorce His Wife?
Chapter 4: Did Not Moses Give "Permission" to Divorce?
Chapter 5: If Marriage is so Permanent, Who Wants It?
Chapter 6: Can I Remarry If My Spouse Was Caught in Adultery?
Chapter 7: Paul Allows Divorce, Doesn't He?
Chapter 8: Are the Divorced the Same As the Never Married?
Chapter 9: Side Notes on Divorced Pastors, Deacons, and Widows
Page Three Contains Chapter 10: Overview of Paul's Teachings from 1Corinthians Chapter 7
Sex and Marriage
Unmarried and Widows
Married Couples
Mixed Marriages of Believers and Unbelievers
All Believers: Remain in Your Saved Condition
Surviving Spouses
Chapter 11: Marriage Demographics Summarized
Chapter 12: Doesn't the Bible Say That God Got a Divorce?
Case Examples - Questions and Answers

Article: Should I Divorce My Second Wife to Remarry My First Wife?

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