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Written by: C. W. Booth

Your feedback regarding the content on this web site and your questions about doctrinal issues are very important to me. When possible, I will attempt to respond to every legitimate e-mail personally within about seven days. Spam, unsolicited advertisements, and e-mails containing obscene language are not legitimate forms of godly communication and will be summarily deleted without response.

Sadly, over the past few months, the amount of spam has increased greatly at this web site. Most spam appears to be fueled by special programs, called robots, which search internet sites for their posted e-mail contact addresses. To limit the ability of robots to use this site’s contact e-mail address to create spam lists while also keeping the lines of communication open to readers of the site, I have had to initiate the following procedure:

Finally, I have been informed many times that the e-mail server that hosts this site has often failed to deliver properly addressed e-mails. Having experienced this personally, I understand the frustration the sender must feel. However, please know that this is not deliberate, but an apparent technical shortcoming. If you notice that an e-mail sent to this site was returned as underliverable it is very likely that it was never received, so please feel free to resend it. I am sorry for this inconvenience.

Thank you for your kind comments, corrections, and questions over the years. They have been very helpful and encouraging. Also, please pray for this ministry as we look forward to further Bible study of matters relevant to living as Christians who wish to serve God in this age.

Areas for which we always appreciate prayer are: accuracy in Bible exegesis and writing, posting articles that will encourage and strengthen the saints, using language that will honor God, encouragement to keep studying and writing, and creating a web site environment that is glorifying to the Lord.

In the Service of Christ,

C. W. Booth

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