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Articles On Sin and Forgiveness

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Articles on Sin

Is Lack of Satisfaction with Christ the Root Cause of Sin?
The Nature of Total Depravity (Repost of a blog essay)
All I Wanted was a Cookie--Did God Tempt Eve to Sin? (Repost of a blog essay)
Why is Obedience Better than Sacrifice? (Repost of a blog essay)
Lies, Cursed Lies, and Deceptive Silence (Repost of a blog essay)
Understanding the Nature of Deception--Follow-up Questions (Repost of a blog essay)
These Essentials: Abstain from Idols, Blood, Strangled Meat, and Sex --
Understanding the Prohibitions of Acts 15
Who Cursed the World? (Repost of a blog essay)
Reducing the Curse (Repost of a blog essay)
My Son Asked: Did God Tell Abraham to Commit Murder?
Do Not Be Overly Holy -- Did God Say That?

Articles on Forgiveness

What is Biblical Forgiveness, and Who Should be Forgiven?
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Forgiveness
“I Am Sorry You Were Offended” and Other Insincere Apologies
Unconditional Forgiveness--Is It?
Reconciliation: The Cost of Forgiveness

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