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Article Series on Knowing the Will of God

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Articles on Knowing the Will of God

Knowing God’s Will in Advance: The Have’s and the Have-Not’s
Part 1: Knowing God’s Will--What is God’s Will?
Part 2: Knowing God’s Will--A Detailed Personalized Plan?
Part 3: God, Show Me the Right Decision to Make
Part 4: Testing God, Seeking Signs, and Asking Questions
Part 5: Elijah’s Experience with a Gentle Breeze and Hearing Voices
Part 6: Continued--Elijah’s Experience with a Gentle Breeze and Hearing Voices
Part 7: Why God Spoke in a Quieter Voice to Elijah--Grand Miracles v. The Spoken Word
Part 8: When Humanity Stopped Hearing God’s Voice
Part 9: Misinterpreted “Prophetic” Words and Inerrancy
Part 10: The Conscience--Is it God’s Voice?
Part 11: God Asks, “What ‘Word from the Lord’ Did You Get?”
Part 12: Common Arguments in Favor of Hearing an Unspoken Voice of God
Part 13: God Changes Humankind

Follow-Up Articles on Knowing the Will of God

Jeremiah 23 - Prophecies of Imagination
Why Do Christians Make Mistakes?
Beguiled No Longer--A Phrase Study: “The Voice of the Lord” and “The Word of the Lord”
Experiencing Your Spouse?
That Word Is Not From the Lord

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