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Photograph of a German Machine Gun Nest Bunker on the Beach at Normandy
Copyright 2004, 2005 - All rights retained by author and photographer
Written and Photographed by: C. W. Booth

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This crypt-sized bunker was tall enough for one or two men to stand upright while firing machine guns or sniper rifles out its one foot high aperture. It was situated near the top of the hill with a panoramic vista of the beach spread out below in the distance. Encased in concrete and covered with earth, this nest would have been an extraordinarily difficult stronghold to neutralize from the beach far below. Behind the nest, hidden from the line of sight and the line of fire from the beach, is a series of concrete walls which provided easy access to defending German troops while also shielding the occupants from inbound artillery, aerial bombardment, and small arms fire of the Allies.

Given the vast networks of these concrete bunkers and nests, it begins to become evident why so very many men died storming the wide open beaches.

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