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Pursuing Pleasure and Pursuing the Wind-- Solomon’s Lesson on Hedonism

Christian Hedonism -- A Wake-up Call to the Church

Living for Christ, or, Living for the Pleasure Christ Gives?
(When does Hedonism itself become a god?)

Is God a Hedonist?

For the Joy, or, Instead of the Joy?

Hedonists by Nature, but Not by Rebirth

God is Most Glorified...When?

Satisfied in the Lord -- A Re-examination of the Motto

Myth: To Reject Christian Hedonism Is To Reject Joy

Delight Yourself In the Lord: Command or Promise?
-or- Taking Your Stand on Context

Audio Sermon: Psalm 37 -- Overcoming Fear with Faith, Obedience, Study, Delight, Good Works, and Purity

A Biblical Study of the Theological Foundation of Christian Hedonism

James Exposes Christian Hedonism as the Cause behind Christian Conflict

What Harm a Little Hedonism?

List of Bible Verses that Challenge Hedonism (Gk: Hedone)

Why is Obedience Better than Sacrifice? -- Gratitude, the motive for obedience(Repost of a blog essay)

Dust Jacket Endorsements

Typical E-mail Exchanges Regarding Christian Hedonism

Flower Illustration Does Not Smell Right (Repost of a blog essay)

Choose This Day: Selfishness or Love (Repost of a blog essay) (Understanding Paul’s Desire to Trade His Salvation for Those of the Jews--Romans 9:3)
Westminster Shorter Catechism "Update" (Repost of a blog essay)

Hating Nicolaitan Doctrine and Deeds (God's Wrath on "Christianized Hedonism") (Repost of a blog essay)

Baring All Your Teeth -- Judging the Joy of Other Christians

Book Reviews of Desiring God and Dangerours Duty

Frequently Asked Questions About Christian Hedonism

Links to Other Sites' Articles Examining the Biblical Nature of Christian Hedonism Note: The Faithful Word.org does not necessarily agree with the content of material or doctrine found at other sites but makes the links available as an aid to research and study.
"Book Review -- Desiring God," by Dr. J.D. Watson, Pastor-Teacher, Grace Bible Church, Sola Scriptura Ministries
Book Review: "Paying the Piper-A Critique of John Piper's Desiring God" by Tom Pittman
"The Pied Piper of Christian Hedonism," by Dr. Spence, President of Foundations Bible College
Lithuanian Pastor Giedrius Saulytis' article: "Reflections on Christian Hedonism"
A Missionary's Rebuttal to the Term "Christian Hedonism"
The Boston Christian Bible Study Resources article on Christian Hedonism
Article at cfdevotionals.org concerning Christian Hedonism
Parableman Blog essay entitled: Why I am no longer a Piperite
Sword and Trowel Article by Peter Masters entitled: Christian Hedonism - Is it right?
Pilgrim Covenant Church, an independent, Protestant, Reformed Church in Singapore addresses the question,"Would you recommend Dr. Piper's books?"

The following link is to a review of Dr. Piper's book Future Grace. This review highlights many of the errors also found in his works on Christian Hedonism, indicating these errors are prevalent throughout much of his writings.
Future Grace book review at svchapel.org.

The following link is to blog essay reviewing Dr. Piper's book God is the Gospel. This review also highlights many of the errors found in his other works on Christian Hedonism, demonstrating these errors of improper focus (or imbalance) occur throughout much of his writings.
God is the Gospel book review at EternalPerspectives.com.

Broken Links
Note: the link to the CRN article appears to be broken at this time. If anyone has information regarding the status or disposition of the CRN site/article, please go to page "Contact Us" and drop us an e-mail. Thank you.
A Christian Research Network (CRN) article on Christian Hedonism

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Introduction to Articles On Christian Hedonism
When my 15-year-old golden retriever died by my hand because she was suffering uncontrolled seizures, I wept. And though I wept then, and many times since over different matters, I am not "clinically depressed".

Years ago, when I was walking on a road with my fiancée, I endured the pain and discomfort of throwing myself into harm's way so as to push my fiancée to safety. And though I willingly took on pain, I was not a "masochist."

When as a youngster my daughter did wrong, I used to spank her in spite of the physical pain it caused her and the heart-pain it caused me. And though I purposely inflicted pain, I was not a "sadist."

When I go fishing with my son and we catch "the big one", I become genuinely excited in a loud and verbal way. My periods of ecstasy do not mean I am "manic."

And when I go to worship I often find myself enjoying a praise hymn to God. My enjoyment of worship does not mean I am a "hedonist."

This is one of the challenges this web site makes to the reader: Do you actually understand what hedonism means and do you fully comprehend what you say about God when you call yourself a Christian Hedonist? After a cursory reading of Dr. Piper's book, Desiring God, most Christians appear to fail to grasp the enormity of what is being taught. They seem to fail to notice the teachings about salvation being dependent on becoming a hedonist. They seem to miss Dr. Piper's point that all of life must become subservient to "the pursuit of joy".

Sadly, they also fail to take note that the calling to "Christian Hedonism" is not supported by legitimate scripture. It seems many casual readers miss the partial verse quotations, the out-of-context passages, and the somewhat unorthodox interpretations of well-known verses.

The articles on this site will lead the reader through many of the same passages used in the book Desiring God, presenting the unabridged text from the verses, showing their context, and presenting the interpretation based on correct quotation and proper context.

After that the reader will have a better foundation of knowledge upon which to decide if he will choose to label himself a hedonist, or merely a Christian. One must be fully convinced in his own mind (Romans 14:5).

Side Note to the Readers of This Site
This web site offers this collection of articles to critically examine Christian Hedonism at a doctrinal level. We make it available here not to be purposely controversial but because we have personally found it difficult to find similar serious material elsewhere.

All public doctrines, even new ones espoused by well-known preachers with large ministries, are to be examined or "tested" against the Bible to see if they are scripturally accurate (1John 4:1). In this spirit of biblical obedience we test how Christian Hedonism uses the word of God. Is it used faithfully or improperly? Are the conclusions drawn by Christian Hedonism traditional biblical doctrine or are they inappropriate re-definitions of orthodox theology?

The first to plead his case, as Dr. Piper has done for some 20 years prior, almost always appears compelling and correct until another person comes along and carefully examines him (Proverbs 18:17). Only after this careful examination will the wise person decide who and what is right or wrong. Only the unwise person will judge right from wrong before he has heard the evidence (Proverbs 18:13).

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